Mohamed Elmaazi 23 June 2023

Truth Defence News-in-Brief — Assange, Artificial Intelligence, The Big Lie & Roger Waters

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News-in-Brief: Julian Assange, Roger Waters, The Big Lie, Weaponising Anti-semitism and Artificial Intelligence


In Truth Defence’s first ever “News-in-Brief”, Mohamed Elmaazi reviews the latest developments regarding:


  • Julian Assange’s extradition case
  • The cancellation of the documentary film “The Big Lie”
  • Failed attempts to cancel parts of Roger Water’s Farwell tour and Labour Leader Keir Starmer’s role in smearing Pink Floyd’s former lead vocalist as an anti-semite
  • The EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act and the EU’s continued attempts to undermine encryption
  • Council on American Islamic Relations’ shocking revelations about the FBI’s “No Fly List”

Watch the video here:

Editor’s Note: After this video was completed The Reel News film tent at the Glastonbury festival screened the film.


Correction: As Labour Leader, Keir Starmer whipped Labour MPs and Labour Peers to abstain from voting on the third reading of the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill, though the result was the same as if he had whipped them to vote in favour of it.


Source links:


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(Article) The Chris Hedges Report via Truth Defence: The Imminent Extradition of Julian Assange and the Death of Journalism


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(Article) The Interregnum: Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg blasts Espionage Act charges against Julian Assange as “declaration of war” on the free press


(Press Statement) Andrew Wilkie MP: British court rules against Assange appeal, Australian Government’s advocacy more important than ever


(Article) The Skwawkbox: Exclusive: Graham’s Unite bans Corbyn film from all its buildings


(Article) Morning Star: Glastonbury’s U-turn on the Corbyn film reflects the march of political censorship


(Article) Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Jewish Voice for Labour: Glastonbury censorship: another blow to freedom of expression


(Video) The Katie Halper Show: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Slams “Idiot Journalists” Smearing Him


(Video) Double Down News: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters EXPLOSIVE Interview Sets Record Straight


(Article) Waging Nonviolence: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters joins BDS movement


(Article) The Skwawkbox: Roger Waters has money. Let’s hope he sues the arse out of Starmer’s trousers


(Article) Morning Star: ‘Starmer wanted to take socialism out of Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers’ name’


(Article) The Guardian: ‘He has an ability to motivate and is not easily cowed. If there is a row with the government he will fight his corner’


(Tweet) Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers: Motion – Censure of Sir Keir Starmer QC


(Press Statement) Patrick Breyer MEP, Pirate Party Historic vote: EU Parliament to ban biometric mass surveillance


(Article) EU founds working group against encryption and anonymity

(German: translate into English using your web browser)


(Press Statement) Patrick Breyer MEP, Pirate Party Leak: Data retention and encryption: EU Government’s “Going Dark” program to attack citizen’s rights with PR


(Article) Truth Defence: Leaked EU report Reveals EU, UK proposed censorship laws risk obliterating right to privacy and expression


(Report, PDF) Council on American-Islamic Relations: “Twenty Years Too Many, A Call to Stop the FBI’s Secret Watchlist”


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Mohamed Elmaazi

Mohamed Elmaazi is the new Editor-in-Chief of Truth Defence. He is a UK-based researcher and journalist who writes on a variety of subjects including geopolitics and legal encroachments upon on civil liberties and human rights. Mohamed has covered all of Julian Assange's extradition hearings. His work has appeared in numerous outlets including The Dissenter, Consortium News, Jacobin, The Canary, The Grayzone, The Real News Network, the BBC and The Guardian. He also publishes articles via his website You can follow him on Twitter @MElmaazi.

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